Meet Our CEO

Emily Dunkel worked with her husband, Eric, and brother-in-law, Jason, when they founded locally owned PM Pediatrics in 2007. It was the first after-hours pediatric urgent care in Chattanooga, and she always had a love for the company. Her dream was to one day lead its growth after her four children were old enough. Being a stay-at-home mom to son Tyler and daughters, Lily, Ava Grace, and Layla was her priority above anything else.


That dream became a reality when she rose to CEO/Director in 2020, and Nite Owl was able to add woman-owned to its sources of pride. She took the opportunity to expand Nite Owl Pediatrics to seeing adults as well. This business restructuring led to the name changing from PM Pediatrics to NiteOwl Pediatrics + Adults, and now NiteOwl After Hours Urgent Care. The woman-owned clinic also moved to its current location across from the YMCA. Emily is proud to have been a part of NiteOwl’s growth over the years, and looks forward to what the future holds as she endeavors to help the community through the services of NiteOwl!