1. parenting humorForget the heels and dry clean only garments, replace everything in your closet with workout attire. Yoga pants, running shorts and tennis shoes are far more practical for those toddler sprints. Little did you know you were trying to keep up with a mini athlete.
  2. If it’s smaller than a ping-pong ball and hiding in your house, be like Elsa and let it go! They just can’t wait to stick those tiny objects straight into their mouth. If you hide it, chances are they can find it… unless it’s their shoes, your keys or something you actually need them to find.
  3. Carpet cleaner, stain remover, bleach stock up on it now. Living with a toddler is like cleaning up after a party you never attended.
  4. That little package can do wonders for bribing those cute, 2 legged monsters when you’re checking out at the store. They also come in clutch when lunch is a little late or a meltdown is brewing.
  5. Do yourself a favor and go ahead and stock up on birthday presents. Toddlers are oh so social creatures. Preschool means you’ll be attending at least 20 birthday parties.
  6. Admit that storage containers are your best friends. While you never thought you would utter those words, something or someone is going to die if you step on another Lego in the middle of the night. Besides, how else are you supposed to store all 10,000 toys?
  7. Coffee and wine. When the going gets tough, these babies will get you through.
  8. Toddlers have no eye for fashion. $100 designer blouse, Bounty paper towel- they don’t have a preference. Both look like a great place to wipe their sticky hands or rub their runny nose.
  9. Make doubles and triples of your keys. Life with a toddler is like a never ending game of hide and seek.
  10. Ice packs and band- aids are as necessary as diapers and sippy cups. Those little walking hurricanes are prone to falls, bumps and bruises.
  11. Toss every permanent marker in your home. No one wants to turn around to find Picasso Jr. creating a Sharpie masterpiece on the dining room wall.
  12. 2 words, Magic Erasers.

Be safe out there, parents. The Toddlerpocalypse strikes when you least expect it.