5764470_lOne of the most common reasons parents visit our Chattanooga pediatric urgent care clinic. Cold are very common throughout the winter months, especially for school aged children. However, there is usually very little pediatricians can do to treat the cold itself.

Colds are a common part of childhood. While it can seem alarming to many parents that your children have a runny nose and cough, it is not uncommon. Children have weaker immune systems and are more susceptible to colds. On average, children experience 8 to 10 colds by age 2.

There is no treatment for a cold and it is best to just let it run its course. Drinking plenty of fluids and ensuring your children get plenty of rest are some of the best ways to help your child comp with the symptoms of a cold. If your child is uncomfortable, ibuprofen may provide some relief. If your child is experiencing difficulty breathing, ear pain or a cough lasting more than one week consult your pediatrician.

The best way to protect your children against a cold is to limit their contact with other sick children. Teaching your children to properly and frequently wash their hands and teaching them to sneeze and cough away from others is important in helping to prevent the spread of germs.

If your child has experienced cold symptoms for more than a few weeks or is running a fever of 102 degrees or higher, see your pediatrician.

Our Chattanooga pediatric urgent care is here to give you the low down on colds.