pediatric urgent care chattanoogaWith warmer weather on the horizon, now is the perfect to head outside and enjoy the sunshine. When purchasing your child a bike or scooter, don’t forget a helmet to go along with their new ride. Each year approximately 300,000 children visit the emergency room due to bike accidents.

Before your child sets out to ride the neighborhood, make sure they are prepared with these bike safety tips.

Selecting a Helmet: It is important that your child is wearing a helmet that fits properly and meets the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s standards. The helmet should fit securely on the top of the head without obstructing vision or hearing. Allowing your child to select their helmet will increase the likelihood of them wearing it.

Wearing a Helmet: Now that you have selected the appropriate helmet, you have to wear it. Helmets are the most effective way of preventing head injuries in bicycling accidents.

Appropriate Clothing: When you are heading out for a bike ride, be sure to wear the proper clothing. To avoid getting pants legs and other fabric caught in the bike chains and other parts, be sure to wear close fitting apparel.

Proper Equipment: The bike should be appropriately sized for the child now, not in the future. The bicycle should also have reflectors, tires should properly inflated and the gears and chains should be working well.

Bright Reflectors: Even when riding on neighborhood sidewalks, it is important that the bike has reflectors. When riding at dawn or dusk, the bike should be equipped with lights.

Supervise the Ride: You should supervise all bike riding until you feel your children are responsible and old enough to ride on their own. Riding on sidewalks and bike paths are recommended until age 10.