what to do when your child has a feverHaving a sick child at home can be unsettling and, at times, stressful for many parents. When your child begins to run a fever, the root of the problem and course of action can be uncertain. Many parents become anxious when it comes to determining how to treat the problem.

A fever is the body’s first reaction to an infection. When the body has realized there is an infection, the immune system begins taking steps to combat the problem. Running a fever is a sign that the body is already hard at work fighting the infection.

When you are not quite sure what to do, consider this advice. Determining whether or not your child needs medical attention starts with observing their behavior. If your child is behaving normally and eating and drinking as normal, there is no cause for alarm. Monitor their behavior and make certain that they are responsive and easy to arouse.

If your child’s fever is 101 degrees or higher, treat it with an over the counter medication such as Tylenol. However, if you child is lethargic, has a history of febrile seizures or has recently traveled outside the country, seek medical attention immediately.

For after hours and weekend needs, NiteOwl Pediatrics has highly trained and certified professionals who are able to treat the problem. Breathe a sigh of relief knowing that we are here for your pediatric urgent care needs.