parenting humorWe all know that life as a toddler is just down right stressful. The meltdowns, falling and not being able to move, sharing… and all the other small things. Jokes aside, life as a child is filled with perks. After all, who wouldn’t “want to be a kid again?”

Childhood comes with many perks that we all wish were an acceptable part of adult hood. So how doing these things as an adult is frowned upon and just not the same.

Being Picked Up When You Are Tired Oh, you are tired and can’t seem to walk anymore? No worries, there is magically an adult there to scoop them up and tote them around. If that worked every time we were tired of grocery shopping, imagine how great life would be.

Naps Kids don’t know how great they have it when it comes to napping. When you are a child it is acceptable to nap anytime and in any place. However, your boss seems to mind when you curl up under the desk for an afternoon nap.

Running Around Naked As a child, when you get the notion that clothes are not your thing, it is socially acceptable to run through the back yard in your birthday suit.

Trick or Treating Face it, most holidays are better when you are a child. Santa along with his friends the Tooth Fairy and Easter Bunny came to visit, and it was totally acceptable to reach into a bowl of candy on Halloween and grab a piece. Somehow as an adult it is unacceptable.

Taking What You Want When children see a toy they want to play with, they grab it and it’s fine. When an adult does the same thing it is considered stealing.

Spitting Things Out Those peas not hitting the spot? Children are welcome to spit out any food they don’t like. Hit the adult years and you are eating something you don’t like? Spitting it out isn’t an option, so you are left to choke it down…. Or discretely find a napkin.

Asking All the Questions When you ask 387 questions as an adult you seem like you are nosey and prying. When toddlers do it, it seems so ordinary.

Rocking the PJs Let’s just start with how much cuter child sized pjs are than adult sizes. Not to mention that it’s no biggie if they are still wearing come 5pm. When we do it we must be sick.

Sorry Not Sorry They march to the beat of their own drum and don’t have to apologize for it.

Saying What’s On Their Mind They live by the motto, if they think it then they say it. Filters are over rated, anyway.

Dancing like No One is Watching Forget dancing like no one is watching. Dance like a toddler. They don’t even care if there is music.

Band Aids Are Accessories When you are 4 there is no accessory cooler than a band aid.

Every Day is a Celebration They used the potty. They were on “best blue” all day at school. When you’re young, everything calls for a celebration.

The Toys Fact: Kids’ toys are fun. Bouncy houses, parachute games, swing sets… its fun to be a kid. Play these things as an adult and you get stuck in the swing.

Always Having Time to Smell the Roses One question, how many times have you seen a toddler in a hurry?