We receive multiple calls from parents asking if they should bring their child to see us or if they should go to the emergency room. NiteOwl Pediatrics provides after hours pediatric urgent care without the high co-pays and long waits often found at the emergency room. Here are just a few of the common cases we treat.

Q: I think my child needs stitches. What do I do? A: Our Chattanooga urgent care for kids provides laceration repair. Depending on the severity of a facial laceration, we may refer you to the emergency room, where a plastic surgeon will be able to minimize the scarring. We recommend closing general lacerations within 6 hours of the injury.

Q: My son sprained his wrist, can you perform an x-ray? A: While it is best to go to the emergency room if the break is severe or if the bone is protruding from the skin, we are able to treat minor breaks and sprains. We will begin by taking x-rays and then placing a splint on the effected area.

Q: My child’s asthma is acting up and she is having trouble breathing. Can you help? A: Nebulizer treatments can help to provide relief for children with breathing distress. Typically lasting only 15 minutes, the treatments are quick and painless, but provide relief in a matter of minutes.

Q: Can you treat colds and prescribe medication? A: Our providers are able to diagnose and treat illnesses just like your pediatrician’s office. They will perform a throughout exam and prescribe medication if necessary.

For more information on our pediatric urgent care services, please visit https://pmpediatrics.org/pediatric-urgent-care-chattanooga-tn/.