pediatric urgent care ChattanoogaWhile there is a threat for severe weather year round, spring typically brings with it storms and tornadoes. It is important to have a plan in place and be prepared to seek shelter when an emergency weather situation occurs.

When you see information on the news about tornado watches and warnings, it can be difficult to distinguish between them. A tornado watch is issued when conditions are favorable for severe weather to develop. A warning is issued when severe weather is imminent. A thunderstorm can strengthen into tornado activity rapidly, therefore it is important to seek shelter quickly.

An emergency disaster kit can keep you prepared when severe weather does strike. Your children should know where the supplies are kept. You disaster preparedness kit should contain:

Water Non- perishable food items Can opener Blankets Extra clothing First aid kit Flash light with extra batteries Medications Whistle Credit card, cash and license Diapers and formula Work gloves Weather radio Games or toys

If you have pets you will also need to take them with you for shelter. Don’t forget to include food, water, treats, collars and leashes in you emergency kit as well.

When waiting out the storm, familiar toys and games can help distract your children and keep them comfortable. Don’t rely on i-Pads or other electronic toys as the power may be out.

In the event of a severe storm or tornado you and your family should seek shelter in the lowest area of your home, away from windows and exterior walls. Basements, hallways, laundry rooms, bathrooms and closets are typically the safest areas. Be sure to cover your head in the event of flying debris.

Severe weather can strike at any minute and your best defense against the storm is being prepared.