summer activities for kidsIt doesn’t cost a small fortune or your vacation days for entire year to create a fun filled, memorable summer. Planning activities as a family and balancing those with time to relax and play is what summer is all about. Make this summer with your children the best one yet!

Make Time for Fun Set aside time each day to play and have fun with your child. It doesn’t have to be a high priced amusement park or a Pinterest worthy activity to be fun. Go on a walk after dinner, run through the sprinkler, spend a rainy evening watching a movie. The possibilities for family fun are endless and don’t have to take up hours of your day. The important thing is that you connect and have fun.

Balance Structure While summer is meant to be a break from the stress of school, homework and activities, there should still be structure. Creating meaning in the day and a shape for the week can help create balance and fulfillment.

Stress Less As we’ve heard many times, children are a product of their environment. Leaving the stress at the door will not only improve your mood, but will create harmony within the household. Just like adults, children tend to misbehavior and fight when they are stressed. Leaving the strain of the school year behind, both you and your children will

Put Down Technology There are so many fun activities to enjoy this summer that don’t involve technology! Power down the tablets, turn off the tv and ignite imaginations this summer. Dust off toys and games or head outside, the options for entertainment are endless.

Learn Something New Summer brings with it ample time to learn new skills or find a new hobby. In addition to broadening their horizons, new activities develop the brain, increase focus, frustration management and impulse control.

Keep Reading The benefits of reading are numerous. In addition to helping boost grades, reading helps to expand children’s imaginations. Take a trip to the local library or book store this summer and stock up on a few new books to foster a love of reading.

Make Memories Creating lasting memories doesn’t have to break the bank. Allow each family to choose one activity or outing they would like to enjoy this summer. It can be as simple as a backyard camping adventure or a game of kickball.

No matter what activities and adventures your family embarks on, you are sure to have a summer for the record books when you head outdoors and enjoy time together!