Chattanooga Easter Activities

Make your Easter holiday a little more special with traditions your family will look forward to year after year. These fun spring activities are sure to become Easter favorites in your family too!

Decorate Eggs: There are few better ways to celebrate Easter than by dying Easter eggs.

Have a Hunt: Whether it is just for the kids or an all ages celebration, egg hunts are one of the best parts of the season.

Plant Flowers: Revel in the warm spring weather and sunshine and head outside. Brighten your yard and welcome the new beginning of the season by planting a garden.

Make Treats: Grab the mixing bowl and the sprinkles for homemade Easter treats. From egg shaped cookies to bunny cakes, make a treat to share and enjoy!

Host Brunch: You can’t live on Peeps and chocolate bunnies alone! Bring the family together with a special seasonal brunch complete with all the trimmings.

Fill an Easter Basket: Dust off the brightly colored baskets and fill it just like the Easter bunny himself would. Chalk, stickers, drawing pads, bubbles and carrot shaped crackers all make great additions.

We hope you have a happy Easter and build traditions your family enjoys year after year.