comforting your sick babyHaving a sick baby at home can be a stressful situation and lead to sleepless nights. When your baby is suffering from a cold, a few simple remedies in addition to a little extra love can have them feeling better in no time.

If your baby’s stuffy head, runny nose and cough are keeping them awake at night, try using a humidifier. A humidifier will add moisture to the air which will help to keep nasal passages moist and allow for a better night’s rest. This moist environment can cause mold growth, so be sure to clean the device regularly.

Lifting your baby’s head while they sleep can also aid in better rest for both you and your child. Lying flat makes coughing worse, which means poor sleep. Elevating their head slightly will help support drainage and ease coughing.

It is important for babies to drink plenty of fluids. The fluids will help to thin the mucus, making it easier to clear. Juice and water are acceptable choices for toddlers, but babies under 6 months should consume breast milk or formula.

A little extra love and care along with these helpful tips can help to comfort your sick baby. When your baby is suffering from a cold and cough, NiteOwl Pediatrics is your go to after hours and weekend pediatric urgent care in Chattanooga.