Chattanooga Family Activities– Discover How to Make Exercise Fun

Chattanooga is a great city for family activities– with myriad opportunities to engage in both indoor and outdoor activities while getting much-needed exercise with the people you love the most. At NiteOwl Pediatrics after hours urgent care, we can’t stress enough the importance of regular physical activity for overall health and wellness. That said, getting active with your family is about more than just the physical benefits. These activities also serve as a time for you and your family to bond, enjoy each others’ company, and maybe even try something new together! If your looking for how to make exercise fun, check out NiteOwl Pediatrics’ list of Chattanooga family activities you can engage in to help keep you and yours fit and well.

1- Take a Stroll on the Tennessee Riverwalk

Few places in town offer the diverse outdoor experience found along Chattanooga’s beautiful Riverwalk. Winding for about 13 miles along the Tennessee River, this paved walkway provides the opportunity for you and your family to enjoy nature while getting active. Take a leisurely stroll, or even a brisk walk or jog to get your heart rate up!

2- Go for a Family Run at Stringers Ridge

Stringers Ridge is a 92-acre wilderness park conveniently situated in North Chattanooga on Spears Avenue, which means you can enjoy the magic of being in the woods without having to travel far. Gather up the kids, lace up your sneaks, and enjoy a nice trail run together. The gorgeous ridge also features views of the North Shore area, the winding Tennessee River, and downtown Chattanooga to make your experience even more exciting.

3- Hike from Craven’s House to Sunset Rock

Ah, Sunset Rock. Is there any spot that’s more classically Chattanooga? We think not. This magnificent view makes for the perfect reward at the end of a family hike up Lookout Mountain from Craven’s House. The historical mountain home was also a Civil War battle site, and features a convenient parking lot right by the trailhead. Just hop out of the car, and take to the infamous Guild Trail, so you and your family can hike to your hearts’ content. Get the blood pumping, and enjoy that fresh mountain air and incredible scenery. This hike is roughly 3 miles roundtrip, so it’s a great one for kids!

Try climbing for a Chattanooga family activity and great exercise. If you're looking for how to make exercise fun, this is a perfect way!

4- Go Bouldering at High Point Climbing & Fitness

One of the nation’s most unique facilities of its kind, High Point Climbing & Fitness boasts 30,000 square feet of climbing both indoors and out! This gym features climbing areas fit for climbers of all ages and experience levels. Climbing is a great activity for fitness, but it challenges the mind as well. Overcoming problems is the name of the game, and finding the joy that comes from solving them is part of what makes this activity so rewarding. Try it with your family to get some exercise and a cool new experience as an added bonus. If you love it, they have great membership options so you can make family climbing a regular thing.

5- Paddleboard on the TN River

There’s nothing quite like getting out on the river on a sunny Chattanooga day. The river also offers up great opportunities for getting exercise in ways that feel more like play. During the warmer seasons, try renting paddle boards with your fam so you can get outside, get active, and enjoy the great outdoors. There are several rental companies around, some with options for lessons perfect for beginners. A couple to check out are L2 and River Canyon.

6- Go Biking at Enterprise South Nature Park

A family bike ride is another great way to get fun exercise with your active family! Enterprise South Nature Park makes the perfect backdrop for a ride with tons of trails, some for hiking and others specifically for biking. There are also opportunities to see wildlife from deer to turkey to songbirds and various reptiles! Enjoy wooded and paved paths, as well as single-track off-road bicycle trails.

7- Enjoy a Picnic at Point Park

Pack the picnic basket, and head up Lookout Mountain to Point Park for a scenic view sure to make you gasp. This park was the site of the Civil War battle known as “The Battle Above the Clouds,” and the incredible view of Chattanooga is really something to see. Get outdoors with your family, have a fun meal, and take a walk through one of Chattanooga’s most historic parks. *Note: this activity will be SUPER Instagrammable, so you can plan to get some fun snaps of your family to share!

Looking for ways how to make exercise fun? Try yoga for a Chattanooga family activity that will help get your crew moving.

8- Family Yoga at Peace. Strength. Yoga.

Get grounded while you exercise with your family at a family yoga class at Peace. Strength. Yoga. If you’re new to the yoga world, you might be a little reluctant to try it, but practicing yoga yields a slew of physical, mental, and even spiritual benefits. Not only is a great workout, but it will also help you and your family members practice meditation, breathing, and mindfulness.

No matter how you choose to get active with your Chattanooga family, we hope you found our roundup of must-do family activities useful and interesting. If you devote some time and energy to fitness, as well as eating healthy, your active family will see the benefits! Figuring out how to make exercise fun is the key to incorporating fitness into your family routine. That said, if and when your kids do get sick, injured, or need pediatric care, the staff here NiteOwl Pediatrics is ready to help. Our Chattanooga pediatricians offer exceptional after hours urgent care for families just like yours. Happy exercising!