back to school tips Summer vacations are coming to a close and the start of school is rapidly approaching. In addition to new school supplies, there are several things you can do to ease the back to school transition.

Adjust Bedtime and Wakeup Routines Two weeks before school starts, start gradually making bedtime and wakeup times earlier until you are back on the normal school schedule. Just like adults, children who do not get enough sleep are crankier and cannot focus as well during the school day. Placing your children back on a normal sleep schedule helps making the transition back to school much easier.

Meet New Teachers Spend a few minutes at the beginning of the year getting to know your child’s new teacher. While attending open houses and orientations can help you to become familiar with the school, faculty and other parents, spending a few minutes before or after school talking to the teacher can help you learn more about the year ahead. If conflicting schedules prevent you from meeting the teacher in person, opt to send an introductory email and let her know how you will be able to help.

Stock Up on Healthy Choices Ensure your children have the energy and brainpower to make it through the day. Meals rich in protein with plenty of fruits and vegetables, keep children full and provide fuel for the days adventures. Avoid the dinner struggle and plan meals in advance to help encourage healthy choices.

Clean Up the Closet Don’t let your children’s closet become a black hole. Before the hustle and bustle of school starts, spend time sorting each child’s closet, donating items they no longer wear or have outgrown, and organizing the remaining items. Place uniforms and other school clothes in plain sight to reduce the morning chaos. This is also the perfect time to stock up on new items.

Create School Stations Don’t fall victim to the morning race around the house trying to find lunch boxes and backpacks. Set up an area of your home to house the school essentials.

Talk About Bullying With one in three children experiencing bullying during their school career, it is important to address bullying head on. Not only is important to teach your children how to treat others, but teach them to stand up for others. Instill the importance of coming to you if they are experiencing trouble at school.

Heading back to school is an exciting time, but can also be filled with anxiety. Ease the fears and uncertainty by talking with your children. Our Chattanooga pediatric urgent care would like to wish you a safe and happy school year.