COVID-19 Rapid Test

NiteOwl is pleased to offer patients access to COVID-19 Rapid Testing in Chattanooga, in addition to traditional COVID-19 PCR Test! Our convenient after-hours services offer busy, on-the-go families the option for rapid testing at times when other testing sites are closed.

  • Convenient COVID-19 Rapid Test is now available at our after-hours clinic
  • Rapid Test results in 10-15 minutes!
  • All testing staff will be in PPE gear for safety
  • The cost of the Rapid Test is $85 out-of-pocket, if asymptomatic
  • If symptoms presents, the Rapid Test is $50 out-of-pocket, and the required office visit will be billed through insurance
  • Rapid Tests are not filed through insurance and are exclusively billed out-of-pocket. 
  • If an office visit is required, it will be filed through any available insurance

Help us slow the spread, and swing by our office to get your COVID-19 rapid test today! 

COVID-19 Rapid Test Cost

Rapid COVID test results are available in just 10-15 minutes! Please note, an office-visit is required if symptoms are present at time of COVID-19 testing.


  • without symptoms: $85* out-of-pocket
  • with symptoms: $50* out-of-pocket and $95** office visit filed with insurance


Traditional Testing Available 

COVID-19 PCR Test Cost

Please note, an office-visit is required if symptoms present at time of COVID-19 testing.

  • The traditional PCR COVID Test cost is $85** and is covered by most insurance!
  • Results average a 1- 3 day turn around.
  • In some cases, results may take upwards on one week, depending on how busy the labs are.

*not billed through insurance
**billed through insurance