Eric Dunkel and Bri Stock appearing in a 3WRCB interview regarding daytime mobile urgent care.

Daytime Mobile Urgent Care Live on 3WRCB

We would like to thank News Channel 3 for inviting us to discuss our daytime mobile urgent care. Our own Eric Dunkel and Bri Stock appeared on Channel 3 WRCB to discuss the success of our DayOwl Mobile Urgent Care unit, with Eric sharing, “It’s like going back in time a bit to when doctors used to make house calls.”

Check out the 3 Plus You interview on News Channel 3’s website here!

Inspired by COVID and the Desire to Help More

Back during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, many at-risk individuals relied heavily on mobile clinics to reach them. Mobile clinics provided care directly to patients during a time when hospitals were overwhelmed, and we felt a service like this could be of great help to the greater Chattanooga area.

“We can do COVID tests, Strep tests, flu tests, we can check for ear infections… we can do minor laceration repairs and things like that,” explained Nurse Practitioner Bri Stock. 

Apart from x-rays, any service you would receive at our NiteOwl brick-and-mortar locations you can receive wherever you would like the daytime mobile urgent care unit to meet you.

Anyone Can Benefit from On-Site Medical Attention

Eric Dunkel shared some of the most frequent clientele we have seen with our urgent care on wheels. “We have seen a lot of patients in independent living facilities; some assisted living. A lot don’t have the means to get to their doctor, it’s a big stressor for them to get out, and we come to them, knock on their door, and there’s a big smile on their face when they see their provider. There’s a lot of things we can do for the elderly population too.”

DayOwl offers care for all ages, including pediatric services. “Oh my goodness, yes! Moms love this service. Even if it’s just an ear infection, we can come into the house to treat it. We don’t just go to homes; we go to schools, we go to worksites. We have been to quite a few worksites where there might have been an injury on the job.”

Daytime Mobile Urgent Care Wherever You Need It

You can count on us whenever, wherever you need us! NiteOwl After Hours Urgent Care is now available anywhere in the great Chattanooga and surrounding areas. Again, be sure to check out our 3WRCB interview, and if you ever need the DayOwl Mobile Urgent Care unit contact us at (423) 800-3040, Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.